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Marketplace Readiness Webinar 

& Career Services

Are you and Individual looking to enhance your the leader of an enrichment program, school, community group or other? Want to enhance your members chances for success in the marketplace?  

"The Grand Ole Hire" has highly skilled MPC's (Marketplace Coaches), that hold a wealth of knowledge on how to be marketable and  successful in the marketplace. Click here to sign up for an upcoming webinar or send us a message via email to book us for an "in-person" group seminar 

"Niche" Recruiting Services

Are you an employer with a "hard to fill" position? Allow our highly skilled  Executive Level Recruiters, to source and find that GRAND hire for you! There are no bill-up rates like with employment agencies and NO UP FRONT FEES!  Just a one time fee, once we find you that next hire. We specialize in various industries to include, Finance, Health Care, IT, Food and Retail. Call today or register on the employer's tab for more information.

Career Fairs

We host Coast to Cost Career Fairs, allowing a GRAND opportunity for employers and job seekers to come face to face for a professional impromptu interview. Our sponsor companies are able to meet and greet quality candidates on the spot and provide them with the next steps in the hiring process. Our Career Fairs are set up in various cities across the United States on a quarterly basis. Please click on the "Employer Registration" tab and complete the form for a quote.

Be the Best Version of Yourself,

                Be GRAND!

Whether you are a community leader looking to host a seminar, an employer looking for a great hire,or an employee wanting to brush up on your interviewing skills... The Grand Ole Hire has a service that is sure to set you up for success. Give us the opportunity to provide a GRAND moment that will change your future! We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Learn More

Have any questions about what we do? Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone today. We’re more than happy to accommodate your needs.

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